Axtent is an international consulting firm helping large organisations thrive in response to blurring industry lines and market disruption. Together with 5 different companies, we form one large ecosystem. An expertly curated team of creative thinkers, designers and developers, working side by side with our consulting team to achieve sustainable, tangible business outcomes.

We support clients in resolving their most pressing issues of strategy, operations and organisation. We work with expertly curated group of 200+ independent consultants with track records at leading global consulting firms, a structure that enable us to shape teams with only the most relevant experience and fit. This means you get a uniquely powerful blend of expertise and an approach that delivers tangible impact, client ownership, and great value.

Our clients reflect our global nature. Roughly half are Europe-based, a third from the Americas, the remainder being based in Japan, Middle East or Africa. For them, with a one-office culture, we can flexibly mobilize the best fitted-team, with the appropriate functional and sector expertise.

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Managing people, risk and capital to propel the world’s leading businesses forward.

Executive Team

Global experience, local focus. We live where you live, with offices and professionals based in major cities around the world.

Stuart Brown

President and Chief Executive Officer

Martin Clarke

Chairman of Management Board

Alex Ochoa

Chief Business and Financial Officer

Thomas Campbell

Chief technology & Innovation officer

Morgan Stanley

Chief Operating Officer

Luke Peterson

Managing Partner, Risk Advisory

Peter Daugherty

Managing Partner, AI and Growth Investments

Claude Leroy

Managing Partner, Regulatory, Quality, Risk & Reputation

Rob Wright

Managing Partner, Financial Advisory